Customer Navigator

Do you love helping people?
Are you a great communicator?
If so, this could be the role for you.
videoBIO is seeking friendly people pleasers who enjoy servicing customers and making them happy.  In a technology-centric business, it is important that we deliver high touch, human support delivered on the front lines of our business.
You could be located in Toronto or anywhere to be successful in this role.
Seeking English, Spanish and French-speaking communicators. 
No official business experience required. We are looking for people who are fast learners and have some background in a service industry and are proficient online with apps, social media and various online tools.  It’s also important that you are comfortable being on video as video communications are central to our business.
As a customer navigator, you are helping customers step through our process and get set up and ready to successfully use our services and online platforms.
The products that customers can purchase from videoBIO range from a video platform for capturing and managing their videos, a video interviewing platform used by recruiters and universities to interview, assess and make talent decisions or a job seeker, student or someone going through career transition who wants to go through videoBIO interview training, videoBIO scoring and assessment or wants create their video bio using our award-winning online platform.
As the customer navigator, you are given all the training and support you need to support our customers with whatever their needs might be.  This role utilizes our video interviewing platform, phone and email support for communicating with our customers whether they are at the start of their videoBIO journey or have been with us for years and just have a question or require assistance with a new feature or service.
If this sounds like something that could be a fit for you please take the next step and video apply for this role. In the video application, you will be asked to answer this question “Based on this job description share the reasons why you feel you would be a great candidate for videoBIO and the Customer Navigator position.”
As part of the process, you will also be requested to upload your resume.  It just takes a few minutes and can be done from your phone or on your computer. No files or uploads… all online!  We look forward to meeting you virtually!